The goal of the reskin was to improve the brand
and user experience.

With this rollout we wanted to showcase the athlete in each of us. From the athlete on the field to the number one fan, we wanted to feature the Prep Sportswear product line in way that spoke to our customer.   For the first time we did an photoshoot with the top selling SKU’s on models in everyday fan situations. We rebuilt the user interface to make it easier for the customer to find their store on the higher funnel pages and refreshed the UI within the store pages resulting in increased CVR.

Perfect On All Devices

We took learnings from our user experience testing and branding explorations to further improve the customer experience. As a result, we continued to see a year-over-year growth rates and exceed sales goals.

New Shopping Paths and Improved Navigations

The new site included simplified navigational elements, additional room for call-to-actions, and set background sizes. These changes allowed for improved customer messaging which aided in the customer moving through the shopping experience on both desktop and mobile with more efficiency.

New Model Photography

We knew that with the new site design we also wanted to add an element of life to the site. As a result, we went out and shot a 5 day shoot at the University of Washington. To accomplish this we needed to scout talent, find/get location approval, hire a photographer, wardrobe, pay for, and plan the shoot. It was the toughest task but it took a team of 4 to do all of it. It really takes a village!