Unifying Production, Product, and Brand.

When I joined the Expedia Media Solutions the focus of the role was to help improve the creative direction for the existing product line. I soon realized in order to achieve this, we needed to start from the beginning of the product life cycle and develop an end-to-end production alignment for all products. This included developing a global style guide, 1-sheets for campaign managers, refinement of existing products visual direction and alignment with the product organization for new ad implementations.

New UI Friendly Products

With existing products aligned we now needed to look how we could grow the portfolio for all of Expedia’s brands. This included Travelocity, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Venere, WOTIF, Air Asia Go, Last Minute, Cheap Tickets, and Orbitz. With so many brands the need to create a scalable solution that was outside of the existing IAB standards became top priority. Within 1 month of starting I presented the need for responsive/native ad products to be a part of the current product inventory. ¬†Not only do responsive ads allow for better/smarter ad integrations they also allow for a on-brand user experience.

New Custom Products

The initial feedback received about these concepts was great, but the sales teams came back that the advertisers thought their partner brands were lost in this execution. The next step came in looking at how we could implement responsive ads with custom fonts, images and buttons. The next phase was also successful and proved we could build a product category that met both the advertiser and user experience needs.